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Why Get Metal Fence With PVC?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Jun 2020

There are many types of fence on the market that serve different purposes; and some are better suited for certain applications above others. Take chain-link fence, for example. This is a great dog fen … read more

Wolf Awareness Week

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Oct 2017

The Timber Wolf Alliance announces Wolf Awareness Week, running from October 15-21, 2017 to educate people about the wolf population in and around Michigan and Wisconsin. Biologists believe that … read more

How To Protect Landscapes From Coyote Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Oct 2017

  Coyotes aren't your average pup.  Coyotes are nocturnal creatures that tend to peruse plains, forests, desserts and farm areas in search of food in the nighttime hours. Although they are m … read more

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