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Why Install Fence Tension Wire?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Feb 2020

Fence tensioning is an important add-on for deer fence. For one, the monofilament wire helps to keep fences nice and taut between posts when spaced closer than the recommended 15-20' feet spacing … read more

Must-Have Fence Parts and Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Nov 2018

While accessories will help strengthen a deer fence, some are admittedly more important to invest in than others. Take ground stakes, for example. Adding stakes every 5 feet along the bottom of a … read more

Must-Have Deer Fence Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Apr 2018

For some companies, promoting accessories may be a way to get a few extra bucks out of you; but for Deerbusters, it's about helping you create a long-lasting garden fence that will stand up to deer da … read more

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