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Must-Have Deer Fence Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Apr 2018

For some companies, promoting accessories may be a way to get a few extra bucks out of you; but for Deerbusters, it's about helping you create a long-lasting garden fence that will stand up to deer damage. While some accessories, such as a fence gate, may add to the aesthetics of your deer fence system, some fence accessories should be required for the garden fence to work to its full potential. 

Here are the best accessories you need for your deer fence:

Ground Stakes

Staking the bottom of the fence to the ground is critical to stop deer and other rodents from digging their way to the garden. Fence stakes are meant to stop attempts from digging animals like deer, stray dogs or other small garden pests. Since deer first walk the perimeter of a fence, then try digging underneath, these stakes are helpful to have. Ground Stakes should be positioned every 5 feet along the bottom of the fence line for best results. 

Warning Flags

White warning banners are inexpensive and should be on your list of fence accessories to purchase. Deer shoot up their tails as a symbol of alarm; and since they cannot see the black fence color well, the white deer flags will let the deer know that something is in front of them. These warning flags for deer will tell deer to stop short before they run into a structure. The deer warning flags should be positioned in the middle of the fence, not at the top. Placing warning banners at the top of the fence put gardeners at risk of losing crops - if deer catch on to where they should jump to reach food.

Tensioning Wire

Fence tensioning at the top of the fence (and the bottom, if you like) helps add strength and stability to the fence. Monofilament Wire is useful for fences that are situated around trees that may experience fallen tree limbs after large storms. Keep the fence tensioned to block jumps from whitetails. 

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