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How Do Deer Avoid Hunters?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Nov 2017

The Fall and Winter seasons are hard times for a deer. Humans are hungry; and they have a hankering for deer meat This is the time to get it.Bucks begin following does this time of year as the does re … read more

Deer Diet In Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Oct 2017

Deer food is everywhere in the summertime; and as a farmer or gardener, you may have noticed that your fruit garden took a hit, thanks to deer activity. Nonetheless, deer were able to find enough nuts … read more

Airport Deer Management Techniques

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Aug 2017

Throughout the summer, and into Labor Day, is when travelers frequent the airport most often to visit family and friends; or to simply escape. Because we are in a high travel season, it's time for air … read more

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