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Airport Deer Management Techniques

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Aug 2017

Throughout the summer, and into Labor Day, is when travelers frequent the airport most often to visit family and friends; or to simply escape. Because we are in a high travel season, it's time for airport commissioners and animal control departments to take into account the safety of airport passengers on-and-off the plane. Although national security is important, and airplane maintenance, we are not discussing the wildlife that can easily come onto the runway.

It happens more often then we realize during all seasons travel. Back in 2010, U.S. Airways hit a deer on the runway shortly after landing at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

"There's a whole herd of deer," the pilot of flight 1950 told air traffic controllers. "It looked like a bunch of them. I don't know how many we hit."

It's a busy time to travel; and that's why deer management techniques must be implemented at each of our national airports. For industrial purposes, Deer Fence is suggested in heights of 7.5' and 8' feet tall to deter deer from jumping onto the runway. Installing a deer fence around the airport is not only for the safety of passengers but also for the deer herd. Other fencing options include: Chain Link (the cheapest type of fence), electric fence (gives deer a quick jolt response) and outward slanted fencing.

Landscaping with deer-resistant plants can also be effective for keeping deer off the plane's landing strip. Remember, deer are not fans of some perennial plants, such as daffodils, thorny rose bushes and some herbs. 

Wildlife Control workers at the airport can combine deer management strategies to keep deer herds away from passengers and disturbing their flight time.

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