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Dried Velvet On Deer Antlers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2020

Bucks may look differently than they did a few weeks ago; and if you're looking, you're probably noticing the deer's dried velvet antlers in particular.By the end of summer, bucks will develop dried v … read more

Deer Mating Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Oct 2019

It's a favorite time of the year for deer: mating season. Have you noticed the damage to trees? That is from bucks rubbing their antlers against tree bark in an attempt to remove the dried velvet. Thi … read more

Why Homeowners Will See Deer Herds In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Jun 2018

Deer mating season, known as the rut, occurs in October through January. By May and June, doe have given birth to at least one to three fawns. While fawns are adorable, with their bright white spots, … read more

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