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Deer Mating Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Oct 2019

It's a favorite time of the year for deer: mating season. Have you noticed the damage to trees? That is from bucks rubbing their antlers against tree bark in an attempt to remove the dried velvet. This action makes them look more appealing to lady doe; and for what reason? Sex. (ugh, men.)

Deer mating season begins later in October and runs until mid-November. During this period, several events will occur:

  • Deer will jet across highways and intersections if they see a desirable mate;
  • Deer will become more aggressive and will even attack pets, joggers and gardeners;
  • Deer populations will be on the rise in autumn.

This may be a favorite time of year for bucks; but not so much for homeowners who will see more deer on their lawns. To push them out, homeowners will want to rid deer with deer fencing and other deer management tactics.

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