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Deer Movement In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Jun 2020

Homeowners are wondering if they will see more deer movement in summer as opposed to spring. This summer may be different due to COVID-19. Let's see what homeowners can expect from deer in the summert … read more

Spring Planting Around Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Mar 2020

Spring is one of the best times of year to begin growing flowers in the garden. After all, the garden looked so dead in the wintertime - it will be refreshing to see a rainbow full of blooms. When gar … read more

Deer Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Feb 2020

Excited about Spring? You aren't alone. Deer eat nothing but twigs and leaves in the wintertime; and once spring begins to bloom, deer are ready to dive into home gardens to get first dibs on plants.& … read more

Gardening Tasks In April

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Apr 2019

Now that spring is here, gardeners are excited to feel warmer weather and get started on planting crops in the garden including carrots,onions, peppers, tomatoes and an array of leafy greens. But, bef … read more

Dare To Plant Flowers For Birds?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Nov 2018

At first, gardeners that plant flowers for birds, such as cardinals, finches and chickadees may think they are doing a great service. After all, birds need to eat, too; and the early bird doesn't alwa … read more

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