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Deer Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Feb 2020

Excited about Spring? You aren't alone. Deer eat nothing but twigs and leaves in the wintertime; and once spring begins to bloom, deer are ready to dive into home gardens to get first dibs on plants. 

Deer will approach lawns and gardens without hesitation; but they will do so in the early morning and late evening hours when homeowners are asleep or away from their homes. They will not say no to fruits, vegetables, nuts and anything they find from home gardens. 

Spring is prime time for deer damage in gardens; and home growers must be prepared for the influx of deer they will see in gardens. Before spring, it is recommended that gardeners implement deer management strategies including: deer fence installation (7.5-8 foot high); planting deer-resistant flowers; and sprinkling deer repellents on the yard to keep deer at bay.

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