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More Deer Equals More Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Aug 2020

Ticks are a year-round problem and affect over 300,000 Americans each year. Tick activity is at its peak during the warm months of the year and does not slow down until late fall. While many wildlife … read more

May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st May 2020

As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the Coronavirus; now, we need to worry about a hint of Lyme. May is when we start to not only see ticks on yards and gardens but also when we hear about … read more

Tick Season Begins In Maine

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Apr 2019

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — It's officially tick season in Maine. Chuck Lubelczyk, a field biologist with the Maine Medical Center Research Institute says deer ticks are already "out in pretty good numbers." … read more

Tick Disease Concern In Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Sep 2018

Ticks are really a year-round problem; and although the media discusses tick disease in spring and summer more than any other season, the fall brings challenges for outdoor enthusiasts.Ticks do not di … read more

New Tick Species Discovered In Pennsylvania

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Aug 2018

A new invasive tick species was just found in Pennsylvania for the first time.According to our partners at the Trib, recent testing found a deer that had an Asian longhorn on it in Centre County, wher … read more

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