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Using Deer Vision To Your Advantage

14th Dec 2020

Deer can be a nuisance in your yard or garden. To keep them out, consider using a deer exclusion fencing solution.In order for a fence to be effective, the fence has to be high enough. Deer are exce … read more

Fall Deer Habits

16th Oct 2020

During the autumn months, deer tend to move around more frequently. This is because fall is rutting season for bucks. Rutting season is when a mature buck will travel large quantities a day in search … read more

How to Identify a Tick Bite

6th Oct 2020

The easiest way to tell if you’ve been bitten by a tick is if the tick is still embedded in your skin. However, it is possible to be bitten by a tick and be unaware of it until it after it detaches. W … read more

TN Wildlife Agency: Reduce CWD Rates

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Oct 2017

With deer hunting season underway, state wildlife officials are asking hunters who travel outside the state to be mindful of import restrictions before returning home.The restrictions are in place in … read more

CWD In Deer Spread Into South-Central Kansas

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Sep 2017

Last fall, two deer from Stafford County tested positive for chronic wasting disease, a contagious disease that’s always fatal to deer, elk and moose.At roughly 60 away, it’s the closest the disease h … read more

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