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Elk County Deer Test For CWD

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jul 2017

Story re-posted from Times Leader: July 30, 2017. The Pennsylvania Game Commission reported on Thursday that two free-ranging deer were euthanized on the evening of July 26 in Ridgway Township, El … read more

Message To Everyone: Do Not Disturb Wildlife

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th May 2017

HARRISBURG — Whether in their back yards or high on a mountain, it’s almost certain Pennsylvanians will encounter young wildlife this time of year.While some young animals might appear to be aband … read more

About the Lone Star Tick

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Dec 2016

There are over 899 species of ticks scattered throughout the world in search of the same goal: a warm-blooded host. Black-legged deer ticks, for example, reach out to warm-blooded hosts including deer … read more

How-to Protect Your Trees from Rutting Deer

20th Sep 2012

The first day of fall season hits this week bringing cooler weather, crisp breezes, colorful foliage and apple harvests. Unfortunately, fall is also the season for deer rut. Rut generally lasts from m … read more

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