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Does Plastic Fence Hold Up In Snow?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Dec 2018

Poly fence gets a bad rep. The minute potential buyers read that the fence mesh is plastic, customers immediately decide that it is cheap, flimsy and won't last; but plastic deer fence is so much more than plastic. It is used to keep out deer; secure small dogs and even non-chewing livestock animals such as emu. Plastic Fence has breaking strengths between 650-1400 pounds, after all.

But, how does it hold up in the snow? See for yourself. This fence photo was taken by a customer of Deerbusters; and shows that not only does the fence hold up to large amounts of snow; but it does not rust, split or bend from heavy snow. It continues to remain virtually invisible!

Plastic deer fence is the way to go for landscape protection and animal security.

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