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Tick Season Begins In Maine

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Apr 2019

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — It's officially tick season in Maine. Chuck Lubelczyk, a field biologist with the Maine Medical Center Research Institute says deer ticks are already "out in pretty good numbers." … read more

It's Great Outdoors Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jun 2018

Oh, summer; the perfect excuse to be outside and doing all the active activities you love: hiking, biking, swimming and having camp fires with friends. Being that June is Great Outdoors Month, Deerbus … read more

Deer Ticks Bite Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Apr 2018

Pets like to interact with wild animals, lizards and even stray dogs and cats; but aside from personal differences, wildlife can harm domestic animals in other ways. Wildlife, such as white-taile … read more

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