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It's Great Outdoors Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jun 2018

Oh, summer; the perfect excuse to be outside and doing all the active activities you love: hiking, biking, swimming and having camp fires with friends. Being that June is Great Outdoors Month, Deerbusters wants to revisit the topic of deer ticks. Let's review what we know about tick movement in summer. 

Spring and summer are the top seasons where outdoor enthusiasts spot ticks in grassy and wooded areas. Ticks feed on warm-blooded mammals for food and will attach themselves to wildlife, pets, adults and children. While not all ticks carry tick-borne diseases, the threat is present with every tick bite. 

Know how to remove a tick

  • Clean the infected area with soap or rubbing alcohol;
  • Remove the tick straight up with a tick remover tool (avoid twisting the tick when pulling up)
  • Clean the infected area once more
  • Take the tick to a doctor to tick ID
  • Ask for a Lyme Disease test on you or your pet

Even pets can get tick diseases such as Lyme Disease; and ticks like to hide in the fur of pets usually around the legs, collar region or underneath the tail. Check for hidden dog ticks after long strolls with pets or trips to the dog park. 

Whether you are hiking, camping or gardening in the backyard, act on tick prevention this Great Outdoors Month. 

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