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Best Fence For Elk Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Elk are one of the largest members of the cervid family weighing between 500-700 pounds and standing tall at about 4 feet. They are beautiful and majestic animals; but don't let that fool you - elk cause massive amounts of destruction to farms. Here's how to manage elk on farms and other landscapes. 

Elk are found in mountainous regions of the United States including: Washington State, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. They wander around the areas in search for food and are naturally attracted to plant-based materials including trees and shrubs. Like white-tailed deer, they will search for food in the early morning hours where they will be able to freely roam undetected by growers and avoid harsh weather elements in the cooler months. 

Elk may be beautiful animals for photography; however, it is recommended not to get too close the them. They are quite aggressive and are known to strike people, pets and even passing cars. 

Despite their massive frame, adult elk are able to jump at least 8 feet. Therefore, growers will need to install an elk fence that is at least this height to prevent them from reaching plants on their farmland. Elk fencing is the best management strategy to reduce the sight of elk on properties. 

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Elk are beautiful large animals that roam freely throughout the United States in mountainous regions and wild plains. Like their cousins, white-tailed deer, elk spend the majority of their days in the winter searching for food. In the summertime, elk eat trees and other plant-based foods on farms and gardens; but in the wintertime, natural resources [...]

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY • The signs at Lone Elk Park read: “Absolutely do not approach the elk!”But the signs apparently aren’t enough.Within the past two weeks, two people have been injured by charging elk in the west St. Louis County park, alongside Interstate 44 near Valley Park, after ignoring the warnings.Lone Elk Park officials say [...]

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