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Why Use a Magnetic Level?

14th Aug 2020

Fence installers use many tools to install deer fence; but there is one fence tool that they are particularly keen on using during fence installation and that is a magnetic level.Installing fence post … read more

How To Install Ground Sleeves

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Jul 2020

Installing ground sleeves is the first step in the fence installation process and may require helping hands for ease of installation. One of the many questions Deerbusters gets from prospective c … read more

How To Easily Remove Zip Ties?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Jan 2019

Deerbusters' heavy duty zip ties are used to attach the fence mesh to each line post. If the zip ties are not tight on the fence, they will simply slide down the fence post and will not add tensioning … read more

Must-Have Fence Parts and Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Nov 2018

While accessories will help strengthen a deer fence, some are admittedly more important to invest in than others. Take ground stakes, for example. Adding stakes every 5 feet along the bottom of a … read more

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