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How To Install Ground Sleeves

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Jul 2020

Installing ground sleeves is the first step in the fence installation process and may require helping hands for ease of installation. One of the many questions Deerbusters gets from prospective customers is what tools are needed to install deer fence ground sleeves. Keep reading to learn the answer. 

Ground sleeves drive into the ground easily by pounding them with a sledge hammer. This fence tool can be purchased from a local hardware store to help drive these spade-shaped sleeves 30 inches into the ground. Be sure to apply the drive cap to the top of the ground sleeve before pounding the sleeve with a sledge hammer or else installers risk mushrooming out the sleeve and damaging it for good. Having a damaged sleeve will make it impossible to slide the fence post into the ground sleeve (second step in deer fence installation). 

Having basic fence tools, such as a sledge hammer, around the house will make installation a breeze! Ask a friend or spouse to help hold the ground sleeve to keep the ground sleeve flush with the ground.

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