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'Red Meat Allergy' Tick Spotted In Ontario

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Jun 2019

A veterinary clinic in southern Ontario is sounding the alarm after discovering a rare tick known to cause a meat allergy in humans.The Oakridge Animal Clinic in London, Ont. said a woman recently bro … read more

Tick Bites Can Affect Your Heart

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Jun 2018

People with a rare red meat allergy may have a higher risk of heart disease, a new study suggests.Researchers found that people with higher levels of a particular antibody in their blood had an increa … read more

Tick Allergy To Red Meat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jun 2017

We are learning more about the Lone Star Tick as more knowledge is released to the public. We know that the Lone Star Tick is aggressive and will seek out a human or pet as its next meal. We know that … read more

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