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April Is Prevent Lyme Disease In Dogs Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Apr 2020

58,000 U.S. dogs have Lyme Disease in 2020 thus far. Almost 360,000 dogs tested positively for Lyme Disease last year out of 7 million tested dogs. Lyme Disease is the most popular type of tick-b … read more

Deer Ticks Bite Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Apr 2018

Pets like to interact with wild animals, lizards and even stray dogs and cats; but aside from personal differences, wildlife can harm domestic animals in other ways. Wildlife, such as white-taile … read more

Deer Movement's Affect On Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Apr 2018

Spring is the heaviest season for deer activity; and as gardeners go outside and plant spring flowers, they are seeing a lot more deer on properties than they did in winter. This is not only a nuisanc … read more

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