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It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st May 2019

May is prime season for tick activity; which is why the month is observed to learn about Lyme Disease. While not all ticks carry tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme Disease, getting bit by a tick is no … read more

Untreatable Lyme Disease Can Affect Americans

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Apr 2019

Scientists predict the number of people suffering from a little-understood type of Lyme disease could spike to almost 2 million in 2020.The most common vector-borne illness in the U.S., Lyme dise … read more

Tick Bites Transmit More Than Lyme

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Jun 2018

Last summer, 11-year-old Gus was beyond excited to attend his first Boy Scout campout without his parents.“Me and my husband believed he’d be fine on the trip because he’s super independent, but I rem … read more

How Children React To Tick Bites

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2018

Everyone responds differently to tick bites; and the list of Lyme Disease symptoms is not set in stone - especially for children. In fact, the first sign of tick bites in children is a rash; but not n … read more

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