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New Tick Remover Tweezers For Tick Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Mar 2017

Tick Season begins in March and stays strong throughout the warm months of the year, lasting until late August. Ticks tend to stay in grassy or forest regions where there is an abundance of warm-blood … read more

Ticks Survive Better In This Type of Environment

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jan 2017

In a recent study on ticks published in the journal PLoS One, it has been determined that ticks will survive better under environmentally-realistic conditions in southern environments due to the warme … read more

This State Reports the Most Cases of Lyme Disease

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Jan 2017

Pennsylvania has reported the most Lyme Disease cases for 10 consecutive years; and 2016 topped over 12,000 cases alone according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.There were 9000 case … read more

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