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The Rise Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th May 2019

Since the 1970s, Lyme Disease has been the main concern and focus of all the tick diseases in the United States. However, recently there have been other tick illnesses making headlines that are leadin … read more

Wisconsin Resident Dies From Tick Bite

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Jul 2018

A woman in her 50's died this week from a wood tick bite back in May. The woman was camping when bit by the tick. She obtained Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever shortly after the bite; and felt signs of ti … read more

Tick Disease Threatens Williamsburg, VA

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Nov 2017

A walk through the woods can be more dangerous than one might expect.The Virginia Peninsula is prime territory for the confluence of several species of disease carrying parasites; aka ticks. That mean … read more

Tick-Borne Disease Kills 2-Year-Old Girl

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Jun 2017

(CNN) A 2-year-old Indianapolis girl died Sunday of what doctors suspect is Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a disease spread by ticks. Her aunt, Jordan Clapp, described how Kenley Ratliff's illness b … read more

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