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What Is Sand Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

White-tailed deer may not like tanning on the beach; but there are many reasons why installing a sand fence is a good idea for those that own a primary or secondary home at a local beach. 

Sand fencing is used similarly to a snow fence in that it forces windblown, drifting sand to accumulate to a desired place. Fences near the ocean can reduce wind speed; control erosion and break waves. They will even keep sand away from roadways and cause less accidents from sometimes slippery sand. 

Those near the ocean should consider using this type of fence for the above reasons. 

Calling Technicians For Ski Resort Management

There are an estimated 600,000 injuries (Johns Hopkins University) and 38 deaths (National Ski Areas Association) from skiers and snowboarders each year at the finest resorts across the United States. The majority of deaths come from riders going over 12 mph (the typical helmet rating) on the blue and black diamond trails. To prevent traumatic occurrence from happening on resort properties, [...]

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