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Calling Technicians For Ski Resort Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Oct 2018

There are an estimated 600,000 injuries (Johns Hopkins University) and 38 deaths (National Ski Areas Association) from skiers and snowboarders each year at the finest resorts across the United States. 

The majority of deaths come from riders going over 12 mph (the typical helmet rating) on the blue and black diamond trails. To prevent traumatic occurrence from happening on resort properties, ski resort planners, managers and technicians need to wise up about how they protect visitors. 

This is why snow barrier fencing is a must at all ski resorts.

Typical snow fences are 4 feet high and can come in black, orange and green color mesh for higher visibility. Snow fences are not only used to block edges, but also to let riders know about snow holes and construction on trails. They can also be used around snow-making equipment; so, riders do not fly into snow blowers (It happens more often than you think.) 

Installation Tip: The Ohio State University recommends that the snow fence should be placed 35 times the height of the fence away from the road, which would be 140 feet for a four foot tall fence.

As ski resorts prepare to open for the start of ski season around Black Friday in November, it's time for them to get snow-safe with snow fencing. 

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