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Common Deer Diseases

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Chronic Wasting Disease is not the only ailment affecting cervid family members. In addition to CWD, white-tailed deer are susceptible to tick diseases, including Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis as well as other parasitic illnesses including: 

  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Deer Parapoxvirus
  • Hydatid Tapeworms (Echinococcosis)
  • Equine Encephalitis Viruses
  • Escherichia coli Infection (E. coli)
  • Giardiasis
  • Hantavirus
  • Rabies
  • Raccoon Roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis)
  • Salmonellosis (Salmonella species)
  • Sarcoptic mange
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Trichinellosis (trichinosis)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tularemia
  • West Nile Virus
  • Specific Risks Associated with International Hunting
  • Chikungunya
  • Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever
  • Rift Valley Fever virus

(List courtesy of AVMA.)

While tick diseases are not spread from animal to human, ticks from deer can latch-on to individuals, potentially causing health issues; and CWD, as we know, can transfer from infected deer to domestic deer on farms. It's best to protect family members; pets and domestic farmed deer with fencing to separate the healthy from the sick. 

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