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Signs Of Lyme Disease In Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Apr 2020

April is the start of tick season in the United States; and as the weather changes from cold to cool, we as outdoor enthusiasts begin to see a rise in tick movement. While we know that over 300,000 Americans are confirmed with Lyme Disease each year, it comes as a surprise to many pet owners that dogs can get the tick disease, too. Tick bites on dogs usually occur when dogs are playing in the fenced in yard and are rolling around in the grass. 

While grooming pets is the first step to confirming ticks are not on the body, it is equally as important to know the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease in dogs. After all, there are 58,000 dogs with confirmed cases of Lyme Disease just this year alone - and it's only the beginning of spring!

Here are signs of dogs with Lyme Disease:

  • Unsteadiness
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Weak Muscles
  • Muscle Aches/Joint Pains
  • Difficulty Eating/Swallowing
  • Fast Heart Beat

Lyme Disease in dogs may be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian - if in the early stages of the diseases. Be sure to get the facts about Lyme Disease in dogs; and contact a pet doctor with questions. 

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