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Spring Into Deer Management At Home

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Mar 2019

Wednesday (March 20, 2019) begins the first day of Spring; and while gardeners are excited to see life in the garden, they are thinking more about plants, not wildlife. This spring, wild ani … read more

About the Lone Star Tick

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Dec 2016

There are over 899 species of ticks scattered throughout the world in search of the same goal: a warm-blooded host. Black-legged deer ticks, for example, reach out to warm-blooded hosts including deer … read more

Deer Control in Gardens This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Nov 2016

As we close November, you may be noticing changes in both foliage and temperature. The leaves have already turned from vibrant green to rustic shades of red; and their may even be snow on the ground. … read more

New Methods for Preventing Lyme Disease

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th May 2016

White-tailed deer are the favorite hosts of deer ticks. In the warm summer months, when deer become extremely active, deer ticks thrive. As deer enter backyards in search of food, deer ticks and L … read more

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