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Deer Control in Gardens This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Nov 2016

As we close November, you may be noticing changes in both foliage and temperature. The leaves have already turned from vibrant green to rustic shades of red; and their may even be snow on the ground. Deer are standing out more behind trees without leaves to camouflage them. While they are actively searching for food, there are few twigs left to be had; so they start wandering into gardens for food. What are you doing to protect your garden this winter? Here are five garden tips for deer management this winter:

1) Deer Fences

Installing a deer fence is the number one most effective way to protect gardens year-round. The deer see a garden fence as a challenge; and although they may try to jump the fence line, they will be less successful in reaching the organic garden if the fence is 7.5" tall or higher. For less deer pressure, Deerbusters suggests installing a poly deer fence. For chewing or digging rodents and deer, consider a metal fence. Did you know that the use of a deer fence can reduce the risk of Lyme Disease by 83-97%?

2) Deer Repellents

All-natural deer repellents provide a protective barrier around your deer fencing. Liquid or granular deer repellents will leave a disgusting taste in the mouth of a deer or rodent, but will not harm them long-term.

3) Tick Repellents

If you are following the Deerbusters blog, you probably have heard us mention that some deer have ticks that carry Lyme Disease. Note: this is not always the case; however, it's important to keep in-mind. Deer ticks do not die in the wintertime; but instead attach themselves to warm-blooded hosts including deer and humans. To protect families and gardens from deer and the risk of Lyme, Deerbusters suggests spraying tick repellents around gardens.

4) Bird Netting

Although garden netting is more for bird control, deer are desperate for food in the wintertime and may eat berries. Cover bushes with bird netting to save flowers or fruit leftover from Fall.

5) Deer Resistant Plants

Like humans, deer have their dislikes too. If you want deer to stay away from your garden this winter, plant a thorny barrier around your garden, such as rose bushes, or chrysanthemum. After one smell or taste, deer will walk away. 

With these garden tips in-mind, you are ready to embrace winter and manage deer around your lawn and garden.

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