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How Did Asian Ticks End Up On Sheep In New Jersey?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Feb 2018

How did a tick that's native to East Asia make it to rural New Jersey?That's the question puzzling researchers. The backstory involves a panicky sheep owner, tick-covered humans and a pair of pants st … read more

Winter Tick Activity Is Rising

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jan 2018

Although ticks are most active in the warm months beginning in March, tick activity is a concern for temperatures above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). We are already hearing about ticks i … read more

Faster Lyme Disease Tests: Coming Soon

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Dec 2017

New tools that could dramatically improve the diagnosis of Lyme disease are already available and should have a role nationwide, according to recommendations born out of a brainstorming conference at … read more

Ticks in the Cretaceous Period

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Dec 2017

Frozen in place inside a piece of 100-million-year-old amber, the hard tick grasps the fine barbs that comprise a single feather, which the study authors from the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) say … read more

Tick Control In Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Dec 2017

Generally speaking, most bugs go dormant in the winter season - great news for outdoor enthusiasts. (Give a cheer, mosquitoes are gone!) But, there is one disease-carrying bug that still remains a thr … read more

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