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Winter Tick Activity Is Rising

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jan 2018

Although ticks are most active in the warm months beginning in March, tick activity is a concern for temperatures above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). 

We are already hearing about ticks in the winter, as the temperatures oddly increase into the 50's and 60's in some parts of the country. This is a problem not just for hikers and campers who are taking advantage of the warmer winter weather, but also for children and pets playing outside in the backyard. 

While we may believe that ticks are dormant this time of year, Lyme Disease transmission is still possible. Be sure to check for ticks after outdoor time and know how to remove a tick after a tick bite. Not all ticks carry the tick-borne illness Lyme Disease, however the tick will need to be brought to a doctor for evaluation, just in case. 

We must keep deer, rodents and birds out of yards to reduce the risk of a tick infection. Deer ticks crawl off of deer and hide underneath leaves and logs to stay insulated. Then, they will find a person or pet to feed. #tickprevention

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