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Pool Fencing That'll Make a Splash

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Jun 2020

Having a swimming pool provides years of entertainment for families and is most sought after for summer outdoor fun. Several states require pool fencing to keep small children, and even pets, safe aro … read more

Rid Pesky Critters From Gardens. Here's How.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jan 2020

Gardeners dealing with rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks and gophers eating plants are looking for solutions to control agriculture damage- and they won't like the answer.There isn't a good way to contr … read more

Welded Wire 19 Gauge, 1" x 1" Mesh Now Available

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Oct 2018 is pleased to announce the expansion of the Welded Wire Fence product line to include 19-gauge wire fences with 1” x 1” mesh holes.Welded Wire Fencing is not only aesthetically … read more

Why Is Wire Fencing So Popular?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Aug 2018

Wire Fencing has become a must-have fence on properties; and after exploring the benefits of installing a welded wire fence, it's no wonder why more homeowners are turning to this type of fence.  … read more

NJ Police Rescue Deer Swimming In Pool

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Aug 2018

A homeowner in Atlantic County, NJ woke up to a deer swimming in the pool. The deer wasn't in a hurry to leave; and police had to come to the rescue to let it out safely. The deer did not appear … read more

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