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Rid Pesky Critters From Gardens. Here's How.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jan 2020

Gardeners dealing with rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks and gophers eating plants are looking for solutions to control agriculture damage- and they won't like the answer.

There isn't a good way to control critter damage in gardens. The problem is that these pesky garden animals not only gnaw through plastic fencing; but they build tunnel systems to reach crops. There are only two ways to reduce the amount of critter damage made by these types of wild animals: skirting fence and trenching fence.

Before we talk about that, we need to discuss the type of fence needed to protect plants from critters. The answer is metal fencing with PVC coating. The PVC will protect the steel core from chew marks - unlike a plastic fence. The best kinds of metal fence are made from hexagonal shaped steel or welded wire. Height only needs to be at 2-3' feet.

Skirting fence

A fence can be skirted at the bottom and staked down with fence stakes. However, this tactic will not stop groundhogs from burrowing underneath fences and will eventually only become effective for keeping away deer and other larger wild animals from plants. 

Trenching fence

This is the better solution for deterring animals from reaching plants. The trenched fence will need to be 12-24" dug into the ground for best results. 

Keeping out small animals is a nuisance; but it can be done with fence installation.

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