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Why Use Predator Animal Urine On Lawns

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Like other wildlife in the animal kingdom, deer have their friends and their foes. To protect themselves from becoming deer meat, they hide in the woods away from such predatory animals including wolves, mountain lions, bears, jaguars, and coyotes.

Homeowners that wish to rid whitetails from lawns and gardens may choose to apply wolf or coyote animal urine to the yard. The scent of the 100% deer predator pee is not sensed by humans but, instead, by deer. After thinking that these predatory animals are nearby, deer will roam elsewhere for food. 

Like other deer repellents, animal pee is recommended as a secondary measure for deer management around a deer fence - the most effective means for deer control in gardens. 

Deer Population and Predation

Deer are a favorite meal for some wild animals. It's the circle of life; and we must be real about it. Some predators most notably coyotes, wolves, bears and bobcats seek white-tail deer for food because of their lean meat. Predatory animals seek young fawns most. In a study from the Pennsylvania Game Commission in [...]

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