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Benefits Of Steel Fence With PVC

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When thinking about yard fencing, there are several factors to consider: Are there chewing animals destroying gardens or is it just a deer problem? How long do homeowners plan to keep the fence up-and-running? How much money is going to be invested in fencing?

While poly fencing is a great choice for homeowners with light to moderate deer pressure, the fence material does not perform well against chewing critters and heavy deer pressure. Instead, it's best to choose a metal deer fence.

Here are the benefits of steel fence with PVC:

  • Chew-resistant against deer, coyotes, rabbits, groundhogs
  • PVC coated for a secondary layer of protection
  • Lasts 20-30 years (10 years longer than plastic deer fence)
  • Virtually invisible

Consider steel fence with PVC instead of a true metal fence without the secondary layer of protection to ensure the steel core stays strong against summer's UV-rays and harsh winter elements. 

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