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Other Uses Of Plastic Deer Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Apr 2018

Plastic Deer Fence is used by home gardeners to stop light deer pressure around gardens; but it can also be used for a dog fence. When we have our own agendas, such as gardening, we often forget about other important factors - like our pets. 

Poly deer fencing can also be used to fence in dogs that are low energy. Small dogs that do not chew or dig will also benefit from poly deer fencing. 

Having a dog fence in the yard is a convenient way to allow dogs outside without worry of them being lost or stolen. Dogs need exercise and a chance to explore new terrain. They also need a safe area to run without being harmed by external predators. With a dog fence, wildlife that may be carrying ticks will be kept on the outside looking in. 

Poly Deer Fencing is great for deer management; but it can also serve as a protective dog fence. When thinking about yard fencing for dogs, consider this humane options. 

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