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Valentines Day Gifts For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Feb 2018

Some pet owners make dogs special dog treats with hearts; others give pets toys. We suggest giving your dog the best Valentines Day gift of all: a secure backyard to freely run and play.

Not only are plastic fence for dogs affordable, but they are more humane than invisible electric dog fence and shock collars combined. Chain Link Fences are ugly and corrode over time. Barbed Wire Fences poke dogs and hurt them. And, don't even get me started on how inhumane electric fence is for dogs. Why would we want to hurt our pets?

A Plastic dog fence will allow puppies and calm dogs the opportunity to play in the yard with other pets; exercise and enjoy their time outside. Best of all, poly dog fencing lasts 15 years - let's be honest, that's about the lifespan of most dogs. 

For Valentine's Day, show your pet you love him/her by going the extra mile: building dog fence in the backyard. 

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