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What Deer Like to Eat in the Summertime

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st May 2016

As we all know, Summer is a favorite time of year for outdoor gardening and eating rich fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for us, deer have similar pallets as humans; and thus want the same delicious food that we want in Summer.

In the summertime, they yearn for sweet fruits including black cherries, plums, grapes and blueberries; even eating luscious dogwood flowers and oak leaves from branches they can reach. Although roses have thorns that may prick their noses, deer still go for them because they are lured by the scent. They will eat all types of nuts including acorns and walnuts, young green grass, twigs, corn and fungi (mushrooms). Additionally, leafy vegetables such as wild lettuce is a favorite among deer. They will gobble up wildbean, pigweed, lamb's quarters, plantain, wild onions, tomatoes, and peppers as well. 

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