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Why Use Monofilament Wire On Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Jan 2018

Basic deer fence rolls will keep out deer; but deer fence complete with accessories will keep out just about everything. When we ask our clients what they are looking for in a garden fence, they usually answer with words like "strong," unstoppable," or "impenetrable." This is why we highly recommend adding a line of monofilament or tensioning wire, to the deer fencing.

Monofilament wire comes in many lengths and strength grades of 8 gauge to 12 gauge; but any length of monofilament line is recommended for polypropylene fence. Without tensioning wire at the top and bottom, the poly deer fence risks sagging. Monofilament wire makes the plastic deer fence taut from post to post; and can protect the fence from damaging falling tree limbs and deer damage. 

Tension wire for deer fence last about 5-10 years and are easy to install; durable; and UV-resistant. Do not apply monofilament wire around gates or fence corners. Gripple tools for monofilament wire installation will help ease the process. 

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