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5 Benefits Of Gardening During COVID-19

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Apr 2020

Maybe it's that we're stuck inside at homes all day, every day; but it got us thinking about the benefits of gardening. There are several reasons to consider starting a backyard garden. Here are our favorite reasons to begin gardening today:

1. Learn a new skill: What's better than being able to say that you learned a new trade? Gardening is a fun activity that can be done at all ages and skill levels. Before digging into the ground, do the research to find out which types of plants to grow during that given season and how long it will take to sprout. This starting point will lead to benefit #2.

2. Provide for your family. Organic gardens can yield enough food to last a family of four for one month! Growing fresh veggies is fun for the whole family and will teach children about where our food comes from and how it goes from ground to plate. 

3. Exercise. Ever dug a hole with a shovel? It's hard work and most likely will earn a sweat. 

4. Get in touch with nature. Getting fresh air is key to staying sane during the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. One cannot stay indoors all the time! Gardening allows individuals to get in-tune with the sights and sounds of nature while tending to gardens. (Just be cautious of ticks in grassy areas, as March kicked-off tick season across the U.S. - like we didn't have enough to worry about).

5. Learn responsibility. Garden management is key to growing plants year-round. One cannot simply offer water to plants once a day. It goes beyond more than watering plants to grow including: pulling weeds; fertilizing and pruning. 

Gardening is a fun hobby that can yield fresh fruits and vegetables for families to consume year-round. 

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