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April Is Kitten Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Apr 2019

Here's the thing about cats: They like to mate; and when they mate year-round, they produce a litter of kittens (surprise, surprise). Cat breeding season begins in February and lasts until December each year; however, April is when animal shelters and cat rescues see an influx of kittens. And, what do they do with all the cats?

Sadly, like many animals, they will stay in animal shelters for weeks, even months until they are claimed by a cat lover. 

There are many reasons to consider cat adoption. For one, cats make wonderful pets that are self-sufficient. Unlike dogs, cats do not need to go outside to use the bathroom; and they can play by themselves or with a few feline friends. They are the perfect pet for busy homeowners or adventure-seekers who are away from home a lot during weekends. 

Cat owners interested in adopting a cat from an animal shelter in April will receive a discount on cat fence systems for outdoor playtime. Call Deerbusters to learn more: 888-422-3337.

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