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Are Deer Aggressive?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Jul 2020

Like people, deer have personalities of their own; and while they are known for being beautiful and graceful animals, home growers may be interested in learning whether or not deer are aggressive. 

Generally, white-tailed deer are not aggressive; however, it depends on the time of year. For lady deer (does), they may become aggressive during the spring season when their fawns are born. This is because they go into defense mode when they stay close to young baby deer - even while they are away hunting for food. Spring is when doe may attack people, pets and other wild animals that get near fawns. For male deer (bucks), they may become aggressive in the fall season when they are ready to find a mate. Damage to trees by deer is done in part to mark their scent on trees and attract doe to an area.

So, how can home growers keep the peace with deer if they may become aggressive in nature? If aggressive deer are a concern, consider installing a metal deer fence that is strong enough to keep away these types of chewing and higher-energy animals. Unfortunately, the plastic fencing will hold up against to deer that may chew or head-butt the fence line. Pay attention to the way deer linger around the property line to determine the best type of deer fence. 

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