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Are Deer Aggressive?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Jul 2020

Like people, deer have personalities of their own; and while they are known for being beautiful and graceful animals, home growers may be interested in learning whether or not deer are aggressive.&nbs … read more

Hexa-Gone VS Steel Hex Web Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Jun 2020

Customers shopping around for metal deer fence may stumble on Steel Hex Web Fence - a 20 gauge steel fence with PVC-coating that is used for deer, rabbit, groundhog and even coyote control in gardens. … read more

Difference Between Steel Hex and Hexa-Gone

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Nov 2018

Steel Hex Web Fence is a best selling deer fence for a number of reasons. For one, this type of metal deer fence is chew-proof and can be used for a number of applications including livestock protecti … read more

Spring Forward: Pushing the Clocks Ahead

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Mar 2018

You may have noticed a change this Monday morning. Things may have looked a bit...darker. We are just days away from the first day of Spring (March 20, 2018); and that means that homeowners can f … read more

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