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Bear Activity In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Jul 2018

Bear activity occurs during the months of July, August and September when gardeners, campers, hikers and other recreational enthusiasts spend the most time outdoors. Summer is the time of year when gardeners need to keep watch of bears; and do what they can to keep them away from landscapes and children. 

In the summertime into fall, bears will scout for food in gardens to begin the hibernation process to get them through winter. During this time, brown bears will eat approximately 90 pounds of food per day while black bears will eat up to 30 pounds of food. Bear eating habits in summer include: berries, grasses, roots, fish and insects.

Because of their body mass, there is not a great way to stop a bear unless its with electric fence. While a bear can break through an electric fence, they will be less tempted to do so after one shock.

Bear attacks also occur most frequently during the month of August; and if encountered by a bear, it's best to do the following:

  • Stand tall and calm so the bear knows that you are not a threatening predatory animal. Never, ever run.
  • Slowly start waving your arms. If the bear comes towards you, don't freak out. Some bears will get on their hind legs out of curiosity.
  • Slowly move away sideways. This will show the bear that you are not looking to harm it.
  • Do not feed the bear - not even a picnic basket.
  • Do not drop your backpack or hiking supplies.
  • If you see a Mama Bear with her cubs, do not toy with the babies.
  • Make noise (gun shots, screaming, air horns)

Take the necessary precautions to prevent bear attacks and keep bears away from plants. 

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