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Best Fence For Bear Deterrence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jul 2020

Bears may look sweet and slow-moving from afar; but in reality, they are quite agile - running at speeds over 30 mphs - and even able to climb. Plastic fencing will not be beneficial to home growers looking to keep bears away from growing sites in summertime when they will be seen eating and relaxing on landscapes. However, there are plenty of choices for fencing to rid bears. Here are some bear fences to consider buying in August when bear movement is at a high. 

Electric Netting

Electric netting isn't just used for livestock security. It can be a great bear deterrent to keep all kinds of bears away from plants. Electric bear netting includes highly conductive stainless-steel conductors that offer a gentle shock to bears to keep them at bay. It can also be used to keep deer, coyotes, wild boars and other types of wildlife away from lawns and gardens.

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fence, also called "Fixed Knot Fence," is the strongest metal fence type on the market and is used for several applications on farms and pastures. This type of steel fence includes graduated spacing to keep away all types of animals including deer, bears and rabbits. Since bears have trouble jumping vertical leaps over 7.5' tall, an 8' solid lock fence is appropriate for bear deterrence. This is the best metal fence option for keeping away bears, as other types of steel fencing may not be strong enough to block Yogi and the gang.

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