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Bear Season: Wildlife Management Concerns

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Aug 2020

Bear activity is picking up as it does every August - and these animals don't just stick around camp sites. Ike Bendavid spoke with Forrest Hammond, the black bear project leader for Vermont Fish … read more

Best Fence For Bear Deterrence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Jul 2020

Bears may look sweet and slow-moving from afar; but in reality, they are quite agile - running at speeds over 30 mphs - and even able to climb. Plastic fencing will not be beneficial to home growers l … read more

Bear Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Mar 2020

When we think about bears, we typically think about Winnie the Pooh, a fun loving bear who hangs out with friends eating honey. But, that isn't what happens in real-time. Bears can be quite aggressive … read more

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