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Best Fence For Cattle Farmers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd May 2018

There are many fence types on the market; and each type of fence serves its cause. While PVC-coated metal fences, such as Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire serve well as a deer fence, a high tensile fence is best for cattle management.

High Tensile Fences, or Fixed Knot Fences are used for livestock management (goats, sheep, cattle) and to control heavy deer pressure. Deer Farmers also secure their deer herds with solid lock fences.These woven wire fences are comprised of vertical strands of wire and line wires that are locked together to prevent shifting and sagging with a strong fixed knot.

This type of fence is the strongest metal fence on the market and lasts 20-40 years. Shop Fixed Knot Fence today.

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