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How To Attach Fixed Knot Fence To Posts?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Jul 2020

It seems that each unique fence type requires a tried and true method for installation; and installing woven wire fencing is no different. Fixed Knot Fence, a solid lock metal deer fence, is the … read more

Why Buy Fixed Knot Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Feb 2020

Woven Wire Fence is a fence of many names; but one thing is for sure, it is the strongest type of metal fence on the market serving a variety of applications. Deer farmers use this type of metal … read more

Best Livestock Fence For Farms

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2019

Livestock farmers want to know what the best farm fences are to secure farm animals. While there are many types of fence on the market for farmland, not all are appropriate for livestock security. Let … read more

Best Fence Type For Bear Deterrence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Nov 2018

The average male Grizzly Bear weighs about 600 pounds (not to make them feel badly); and while they are focused on stocking up on food before winter hibernation, growers are determined to keep them aw … read more

Give Thanks To Dairy Farmers This June

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Jun 2018

June marks National Dairy Month, a time for every dairy product drinking/eating person to thank their local dairy farmers for all their hard work. Raising milk cows, and being a dairy farmer … read more

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