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Best Livestock Fence For Farms

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Livestock farmers want to know what the best farm fences are to secure farm animals. While there are many types of fence on the market for farmland, not all are appropriate for livestock security. Let's break it down. 

Poly Fence is simply not strong enough to secure large animals such as cattle and sheep. If they do not chew through the plastic mesh, they will bulldoze right over it. On the contrary, some types of metal fence are used to secure livestock, including chickens. Many chicken owners use Steel Hex Web Fence, a hexagonal fence, to secure chickens and keep them protected and away from coyotes, wolves and foxes. Chicken owners also use electric poultry netting for livestock protection. However, for other types of farm animals, Steel Hex is not strong enough nor is Welded Wire Fence

The strongest metal fence on the market for large animals, including cattle and horses, is woven wire fencing, also known as solid lock fence or Fixed Knot. This material is hardcore - some suggest being able to thrust a car through it without damage to the fence. This type of fence is used to secure farms with heavy deer pressure and to protect farm animals like sheep and goats. 

There are many farm fences on the market, but the type of fence used will depend on the animal(s) on the farm. 

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