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Best Fence For Large Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Jul 2019

There are many fence on the market for dogs; but not all are appropriate for large dog breeds. Here's the honest truth:

Plastic dog fences are better suited for smaller dogs with a low-key demeanor. These types of dogs will not jump, dig or challenge the strength of the fence. However, for larger dogs with a bit more energy, that make chewing, jumping and digging a priority when outside, it's best to go the metal route. Metal dog fences come in various styles ranging from a PVC-coated chicken wire and welded wire to chain-link fence - the most common dog fence. 

Steel Hex fence and welded wire fence for dogs are great choices for pet owners that have large dogs such as collies, golden retrievers or huskies. But, for larger dogs, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher and St. Bernards, it's best to choose chain-link fencing. Chain-link may not be the most beautiful on landscapes, but it is effective for securing some of the largest dog breeds.

Before choosing dog fencing, consider the temperament of your dog breed.

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