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Best Fence For Puppies

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Jun 2020

Bringing home a new dog is an adjustment for both pet owner and pet. After all, the dog is learning a new environment; and the owner is learning how the dog will behave around new places and people. Installing a dog fence around the yard is one way to help train dogs to stay inside the property line; but when thinking about yard fencing for dogs, which is suitable for puppies? 

A good starter fence is made from polypropylene material. This plastic material is recommended for small dogs that do not chew or dig. While puppies do teeth during the first 3-6 weeks of life, they generally will have trouble breaking through the strength of a poly dog fence. Plastic dog fencing has a breaking strength between 650-750 pounds and a life expectancy up to 20 years. If the dog is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, then this fence may serve them throughout their life. As the dog grows, and changes behavior, a metal dog fence may be more appropriate.

For small dogs and puppies, plastic dog fencing is a great choice. Having yard fencing will teach dogs to stay inside property lines while getting exercise and bonding with pet owners in their new home.

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